Welcome to the PATK project's development site

This is the development platform of the PATK project. Most information here is targeted at developers and contributing users, but some of the information might also be useful to other users as well. Most notably you'll find our issues / bugs, project planing, downloads and source codes here. For general information about PATK and the programs it contains please visit the official website: https://www.patk.org.

We're thankful for every contribution. Therefor if you want to help out, be it with coding, testing, documentation, bug reports or anything else simply create an account on this site. Please note that tickets (issues) are central to our development and release process. For a start browse the issues and start working on an easy one which is not assigned to anybody else.

Mailing lists

Please join our developer mailing list if you want to contribute on a regular basis. Visit https://lists.patk.org to manage your subscription. PATK developers also hang out on the Linux Audio Developer and Linux Audio User lists. At the time being there is no PATK users mailing list. Thus user questions are best sent to LAU.

Project hosting

Want to host your project on patk.org? Get in touch with us. The only real requirement is that your project fits the general Linux Audio theme.

Latest projects

  • psr-reg-shuffle (08/25/2014 10:41 PM)

    This is the old PSR Registration Shuffler (see www.psrregshuffle.de). After several years of maintenance development stopped in 2012. A C++ rewrite has been started but has never been completed. In 2014 the code has moved here from bitbucket.

    Version 0.x: ssh://hg@patk.org:4444/psr-reg-shuffle0...
  • psr-tools (08/25/2014 02:06 AM)

    Scripts and utility programs to work with files from Yamaha 9000pro and similar keyboards.

  • patk-website (08/25/2014 01:27 AM)

    This is the source code of the www.patk.org website. The whole site is statically generated from different text files. There are two hg repositories: One for development and another one for release. Content pushed to the second repository goes live on the website....